50 years down the road, will I still remember that I was once the girl who fan-girled over Magnus Carlsen? Who stalked random guys on It’s scary to thinking about growing old. 



OMG OMG OMG this is so cool!!! I have always wanted a WordPress…but I was too lazy too do it… o______O lll I know, right? So diaoz… But now, I finally have the “drive” to do it: cos’ my CCA teacher created this blog and unless we have accounts, we cannot login to post. WordPress looks so complex! Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy harder than blogger, whichI used to create my old, and expired, blog :/ YAY! My first post on WordPress!!! Historical moment in…my life 😀 My blog name is so kawaii!!!!!!!! <squealz> Jellybeanie luv ❤ So here I am, bringing Jellybeanie Luv to You! <points up at title> Anyway, cos’ most of you are probably wondering who I am, which you should be, after all, it’s not everyday you meet a a girl that is obsessed with ! (exclamation marks, not the factorial…I am not a Maths whiz ><), totally in luv with jellybeans, and likes to become enthu over random stuff. But it will be no fun at all if I just reveal to you stuff about myself, nope, that’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy (notice how I like to drag out my ys?) too direct, and no fun at all. So here’s the deal: … Figure it out on your own! Haha 🙂 And actually cos’ I just can’t be bothered to go into a long – winded essay on how brilliant yours truly is,  jkjk, I am not THAT boastful. K, I really should be starting on Geog HW now, so g2g! Buh – bye! <blows kiss at computer screen>

*Forget it. It was much too tempting to try out the “About Meh” page, so I posted quite a bit about me up  there 🙂 heehee. So now, there is no need for you to waste any brain juices by trying to guess my identity :p (Added 4 days later on 1st March)

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  • charmaine ♥: BAD-BOYISH DREAM GUY~ LOLX. *stares meaningfully* (anyway, i think you are seriously choosy) WUCHUN IS HAWTER KAYY??? OMIGAWD I KNOW JAY CHOU IS SO CO
  • Jasmine: Continue loving jellybeans!!! :D They are pretty and cute and delicious and everything! :P Haha... This is so random! Hope you don't treat it as spam.